Dec 2007

On day in the life of hopper BN 25 3 84

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There was an empty two bay hopper BN 25 3 84. It has the destination bulk pier at Harbor District. There the hopper should get a load of good coal.

It's about 5pm. The train, SJWP #191 started in South Jct. with engines BN 2506, BN 2250, BN 2216, 23 cars and caboose BN 10754.

 staging yard throat
waybill 1 in carcard BN25384 Our hopper BN 25 3 84 was in the middle of the train. It's car card tells the next destination.
hopper BN 25 3 84


Out of staging, the train came to Harbor Jct., just above Harbor District. visible mainline
The train is on it's way to Westport. Gradient under 2 %. door bridge
Close up of two bay hopper BN 25 3 84. close up of hopper BN 25 3 84
The train arrives at Westport. Westport arrival


And now the caboose has cleared the switch and the train came to halt. the caboose at Westport
The unit has picked up the WPSJ #190, the return trip to South Jct. Caboose was changed. This time only 17 cars. return train
waybill  in carcard reefer WFEX Here's our hopper in the string to be switched. Just next to the hopper is reefer WFE with destination Farm Hill Dairy at Third Street Industrial District.
But there're more cars in the string! How to switch a classification yard? Look at Byron Henderson's "Please Don't Pick the Cherries" tutorial! switching the whole cut


The reefer goes to the water track. There's the block with destination Third Street Industrial District last car for Third Street block
And now, there's only our hopper left. the last car from the cut: Hopper BN 25 3 84
And the hopper is spotted at the middle track. There're the cars for Harbor District. Our hopper is the last car from this cut

Braking up train SJWP #191is finished. The cuts from middle track and water track will go next morning into Extra 1024 east. The cars at the first track will go with the Plywood extra in a few hours.

The switcher, ex IHB 313, lent from the Westport Museum (the Westport switcher is silent, no sound! Has anybody installed sound into a Kato NW2?) is now busy with the cut from scale track. This track works as "for now" track. Now, these cars are switched.


overwiev yard


This yard is a little too full. Model railroad yards are almost always too full.

Here you can see the tracks. To the left is the mainline with spurs. Next tracks are siding, scale track, first track, middle track and to the right water track.

classification yard
Next morning (next session) at scale track are left over cars. The cut in the first track is for WPIF #111 at 9:10 am. Look at the timetable. next morning
The cars from water track are shoved into make up / siding. Now the switcher pulls the second block with destination Harbor District. There's our hopper next to the engine. first  cut
The train gets its caboose, TCTC (Track Cleaning Transfer Caboose) WT 93. caboose to the train


Train engine is WT 1024, named after A.H.Compton. You see the working beacon light, and this engine has got sound, too! train engine
Extra 1024 east, bound for Harbor District, departure. It's 6:50 am and the train has 16 cars. departure of Exta 1024 east
7:05 am. After arrival at Third Street Industrial District the 8-car-block is set out. WT 1024 is pushing the block into the siding. Third Street


Our Extra 1024 with 8 cars left at a street crossing. Street crossing
7:55 am. Extra 1024 arrives at Harbor District. Spotting eight cars will be some work for the crew! And they have to pick up all cars bound for South Jct. and Buffalo Bay. arrival at Harbor District
And now hopper BN 25 3 84 is spottet at bulk pier. There're already a few cars loaded with coal. spotting the hopper
Extra 512 east in the afternoon brought some hopper more. With the next barge they will be loaded. way home
waybill position 2, loaded with coal After the sessions all way bills are turned to the next number. Our hopper is now loaded, also after the session. It has got the removable coal load. BTW, the coal pile is just on top of a sheet steel. So you can remove the load with a magnet!
And here's the story with Car Cards & Waybills. 0835
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