BLT Jan 03


harbor area

The drawing shows harbor area and mainline as well as branchline.

plan of harbor district

To the left ist the entry door with movable bridge. Using AutoCAD you get a drawing and can print templates 1:1.

Here're the first two modules:
and the very first module
first module with templates
first module with cut outs for turnouts


The holes for the turnout mechanism are cut. Next step is the layer of cork.
Clearance test
clearance test


ties, many ties from PC board !!
Now the tracks can be cut and the two modules separated.
mainline turnouts, many ties
two segments


And module no. 3 could be worked on!
This was the last part to solder. Crossing and turnout are on the next modul (compare the plan above). The turnout at the border of the module was a little bit tricky.Picture is linked to a larger view, click on it.
the next segments
crossing in a curve

More pictures from Harbor Jct.


© Wolfgang Dudler