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a new car for the narrow gauge roster


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Building a Combine from LaBelle Woodworking

For my narrow gauge equipment I wanted some passenger cars too. At least a combine.

I've built already two excursion cars. And a box car from LaBelle, it was fun! And now a combine. These Denver & Rio Grande Western cars were numbered 212 - 215, says the instruction.

The parts

My first problems to solve, the parts doesn't look like in the instruction.

instruction 9578

So I had to work my own way and to adjust.


I sanded the filler strips and glued the scribed sidings in place. Then I cut the window posts from those multiple post strip. You see also my way for gluing, small dots of wood glue with a tooth pic!


and with all those windows posts and scribed siding below belt rail:


The last scribed siding is a little bit short, I will add more.

9586instr door9587

Now I've added also the 1/16 inch by 1/16 inch quarter round. With the end walls there were two equal ones unlike the drawings.

I had to look very carefully at the stripwood. The 1/32 inch by 1/32 inch quarter round stripwood was not green, I think. Until now I couldn't identify the door panels from 1/32 inch by 1/2 inch stripwood. We will see....

All four sides are glued to the floor. Also I tested the queen posts and end platform castings with bolsters.


Sanding the roof ends:


This was a mistake! I had misread the instruction. I should have first attached the pieces (23) and overhang (25) for the ends of roof. Now I have to improvise.

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